Chapter 10: The Transamerica ONE™ 
Wealth Management Platform

Andy Horner  •  11/14/2014  •  Feature Presentation

Video Transcript

The Transamerica ONE Wealth Management Platform was created to help people with even modest amounts of investable assets access to professional money management — something previously available only to wealthy investors.

With our platform – developed exclusively for our clients – it’s your turn to have your money work for you. With this program, you, your financial advisor, the custodian and money manager are all connected through a single integrated platform. Our Transamerica ONE program allows your financial advisor to oversee your separately managed account, generate investment proposals specific to your needs and report to you whether your portfolio is on track with your goals.

Our institutional and boutique third-party investment managers, or model managers, consistently monitor the global markets and make adjustments to their models to help ensure assets are appropriately positioned to meet your investment goals. With just $25,000 you have access to our proprietary model portfolios.  And, with customizable allocations, you and your financial advisor can determine whether it’s best to invest in multiple model portfolios or follow a single strategy.

The goal is to guide clients to appropriate strategies for their risk profile. We're dedicated to serving people from all walks of life with an individualized investment strategy. Creating the right financial strategy is not only for the rich, it’s an opportunity that should be available to everyone, no matter what their income or net worth.

You only get ONE chance to build your financial future. Make it count by sitting down with the member of our team who invited you to watch this video – together, you can determine how our Transamerica ONE Wealth Management Platform might be the right strategy for you.