Chapter 11: New Ideas for an Old Industry

Andy Horner  •  11/13/2014  •  Feature Presentation

Video Transcript

Every once in a while, new ideas come to old industries that completely transform the way they do business. Innovative giants like Steve Jobs of Apple Ray Kroc of McDonald’s Sam Walton of Wal-Mart – and – Howard Schultz of Starbuck’s did exactly that.

They didn’t invent computers, mobile phones, cheeseburgers, retail, or coffee. They brought a new vision to an existing business model – disrupting their industries and reinventing how people live.

During this time of opportunity – during this age of the The Wealth Wave – our company is bringing this kind of transformation to the financial industry TODAY.

Imagine if you’d watched a video like this one by those leaders before their enterprises took off? Imagine if you had gotten involved at that time. Imagine the freedom you’d have to live on your own terms.

Remember when I said I believe we're bringing transformational change to the financial service industry? Offering investment opportunities that were once only available to the wealthy, but are now available to almost anyone, is a big piece of this reinvention. 

A series of InvestmentNews articles from a few years ago indicated that although more and more people are in need of investment advice as Baby Boomers begin to retire, surprisingly, the number of financial professionals has dropped. At the time of this report, one Investment Adviser firm proposed that another 50,000+ advisers would be needed to handle the large amount of retirement assets that would be hitting the market place over the next few years. The same InvestmentNews article discussed the potential shortage of advisers. Many advisers are retiring. The article said the key to attracting new advisers will be 40 and 50 year olds who have been downsized from corporate America and are looking for a new career. As Bob Patrick said in an article in Advisor One Magazine, “The need for new advisors is critical. It’s about to get massively critical...”

(Sources included in the video above.)