Chapter 1: Introduction to "The Greatest Economic Story of Our Time"

Andy Horner  •  11/24/2014  •  Feature Presentation

Video Transcript

A wave is a surging force that swells - reaches its height – breaks – and then is gone. There’s no better way to describe what’s happening with money at this exact moment in history. Have you ever heard of The Wealth Wave? If not, you’re like many people in North America.

The Financial Services industry, estimated at $63 trillion, is experiencing a phenomenal era in which trillions of dollars and millions of people are on the move like never before. The smartest and most successful companies in the world are positioning themselves to capture an unrivaled wave of wealth for themselves and their clients.

By the end of this video – if you stay with me – you’ll join the few who know how to play a leading role in the Greatest Economic Story of Our Time.

As you follow me through the presentation, I want you to ask yourself these two questions:

“Can I imagine any better way to build personal wealth in my lifetime than by taking full advantage of this era of opportunity?” And... “How do I position myself at this historical moment to ride The Wealth Wave and gain financial independence for myself and my family?”

This presentation is not just about how The Wealth Wave is changing THE world – it’s about how it could change YOUR world.