We are the HowMoneyWorks® Company

Our network of leaders—all independent business owners—have been flying in formation for years—shaking up the status quo of the financial industry and shifting the advantage in favor of families all over North America.

What it means to
Fly in Formation

If youʼre going to be successful as an independent business owner, who you join forces with matters. WealthWave is a team of leaders who are changing the game in the financial industry by putting consumers and entrepreneurs first—not executives from institutional dinosaurs.

Explore your future with WealthWave by watching our feature overview presentation: “The Perfect Wave: A Force For Disruption”

How we leverage leadership strength for your benefit:

  • Mentorship Model

    New leaders have direct access to experienced team members and local offices for support and guidance.

  • Technology & Marketing

    Our platform helps you create your brand and make contact with world-class high touch, high tech tools from day one.

  • Decades of Experience

    Our top leaders have worked together for decades, which gives you the confidence that we will be here for you.

  • Team Building

    Our entire model is designed to help you attract, build, and retain a team to support your business.

  • Level Playing Field

    Our diversity of background, age, ethnicity, gender, and experience level means everyone has an equal chance to create success.

  • Duplicatable System

    Our proven business process is designed so that anyone can pick it up, learn it, run it, and get predictable results.

  • Professional Development

    TV programs, podcasts, monthly events, weekly meetings, virtual chats—all are coordinated to help you stay on track.

  • Personal Development

    Our leadership program is built to push you to be your personal best in every area of your life so you can soar like our best.

  • System Powered

    Each area of our business is an easy-to-learn, step-by-step process enabling you to focus on growth and activity—not trial and error.


Individuals and families received a financial literacy education in the last 6 months.

  • Quadrupled team growth rate in the last 24 months
  • WealthWave educators are sharing over 54,000 books with the public on a monthly basis
  • Over 500 offices across North America, which we refer to as "Learning Centers"


in commissions paid to WealthWave team members last year.

  • WealthWave leaders are in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada
  • Over 50,000 families served with financial strategies in the last 24 months
  • Approaching 10,000 licensed financial professionals in North America

Learning Centers

You can tell by the signs out front and those on our walls, that we use the term Learning Center—not “office building”. Our locations are designed to welcome the public—individuals and families, even teens and kids.

We offer the most engaging financial literacy education in the world—week in, week out. Everything we do centers on empowering consumers with the lifelong knowledge of how money really works. Thatʼs what our Learning Centers are all about.

Leadership Centers

Our locations are also where WealthWave leaders are built. Our culture is one of team building—independent business owners find lasting friendships, mentorship, and a platform for their growth and success as entrepreneurs.

Each month, thousands from every background enter a WealthWave Leadership Center not knowing what to expect, only to find the environment they needed to become the leader, the professional, and the earner they were meant to be.

is your blood type

If you have entrepreneurism running in your veins, our Leadership Centers are here for you.

e2E is our advocacy movement for employees who want to make the move to a scalable business they own and control—one without the endless limits of their job or the high risks of starting a business from scratch. If you were meant for the freedom of business ownership but just need a little support, the doors of our Leadership Centers are open to you.

more about our movement

The origin of our name

The age wave—people living longer—has now become the WealthWave®. People need to know how money really works so they have the best chance of their money lasting as long as they do.

Proper steps at every stage of life can help people enjoy the second half of their lives as much as—or even more than—the first. We won't stop until the fear of running out of money has been replaced by the confidence of how to protect and build wealth.

That's our “why” and that's why our name is WealthWave®—The HowMoneyWorks® Company.