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Our Vision

To disrupt the status quo of the financial industry so families can dream again. We are poised to lead a revolution by redefining the distribution of financial services. Leaders are only limited by their vision rather than by their abilities.

Unlike institutions that capitalize on financial illiteracy, we're arming business leaders all across North America with tools to teach people how money really works.

We believe that when financial education is accessible to all, the advantage can shift from the corporations to the consumers. Financial literacy by the people, for the people. This is our vision and we won't rest until it's the new status quo.

making a difference

Our Mission

To protect and build wealth for the families we serve. We want to increase financial literacy and provide solutions that can deliver more confidence for our clients and associates. To succeed in our mission, we must have a single-minded devotion.

The reason most people don't understand basic financial concepts like compounding interest, the impact of losses and taxes, and the importance of protecting your income and principal is clear: Financial education is simply not taught in most schools, universities, or homes.

Someone has to step up to help close the income gap between where Americans are today and where they need to be to reclaim the American Dream. That someone is us.

How Your Dreams Become Your Success

Our Vision and Mission equal more than a good cause. They can help you pursue your dreams.

Make a Difference

Today, many professionals – especially young entrepreneurs – are looking for business opportunities that are focused on making a positive change.

Attract More People

Our Vision and Mission resonate with almost everyone. Most people have some level of passion about the need for education that can uplift society.

Carry the Flag

With vast numbers of financial professionals retiring, a deficit of leadership creates an opportunity for the next generation of leaders to thrive.

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Team Perspectives

“You don't have to have natural talent to succeed with WealthWave. Thank goodness. But you do have to have a system and develop skills. The good news is WealthWave will give you both."

Robin Bundy —Las Vegas, NV

"The IBM System 360 mainframe computer revolutionized a company. WealthWave360 is disrupting an industry."

Pat McArdle — Atlanta, GA

“One of the greatest opportunities in the world. We can do this business wherever we are and with whomever is around us. All you have to do is decide to be part of this great mission and vision."

Julio Velazquez — Orlando, FL

“I talk to a lot of women in business school. Recently, a student asked me how to find work/life balance. I have found starting my own business to be key. WealthWave has made that possible."

Kim Scouller — Atlanta, GA

“Our mission at WealthWave is to spread financial literacy to other Millennials.”

Lauren Fairey — Atlanta, GA

“I had to move from being an employee to an entrepreneur. It's the best business decision I've ever made. Now I help others make that same life-changing decision with WealthWave."

Trevor Jenson — Denver, CO
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

– Eleanor Roosevelt