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A proven model for growth.
A new standard in communication.

A New Era

Familiarize yourself with the platform that empowers financial professionals to become business owners with unlimited opportunity to succeed and make a difference.

A Platform Full of Highs

High tech. High touch.
High systems. High support.

WealthWave’s giant network of licensed financial professionals helps us leverage economies of scale to provide a world-class suite of business services at a cost that almost anyone can afford.

The guiding principle of our platform is to provide the maximum level of support with the minimum level of risk. This simple formula increases business capabilities while lowering entrepreneurial stress so you can focus your full attention on educating families, building leaders, and serving clients.

  • Leadership

    Our mentorship model guides you step-by-step with 1-on-1 training and a stream of local and digital events to help you grow in every area of business so you can stay on track.

  • Marketing

    Our mastery of marketing helps you create credibility, build your brand, attract prospects digitally, and communicate over the web to win business at any scale.

  • Technology

    Our entire paradigm is digital-first, enabling you to run your business and connect with your leaders, clients, and team from as closely or remotely as you choose to work.

  • Administration

    Leverage the most robust back office in the financial sector, providing the staff, support, system, and services required to grow your team, serve clients, and protect your business.

  • Sales

    Duplicatable systems combined with proprietary marketing and sales tools give everyone from the beginner to the pro the advantages they need to fill pipelines and drive income.

  • Products

    Services are assembled from top companies in the financial industry to help you meet a wide array of family needs with products and strategies designed for today.

A Model
For Expansion

Scalable by design.
Proven with success.

From the beginning, WealthWaveʼs model was engineered to remove the setbacks that limit the size and success of traditional agencies. The secret to our model is the ability for you and your team to continually expand your success and celebrate new achievements together.

  • Traditional Agency

    The owner of a firm hires and trains individual agents to work for the firm.

    WealthWave's Model

    Leaders enroll and train other independent business owners to work as a team.


WealthWave offers industry-leading compensation from a wide product portfolio. Advancement is rewarded with higher income potential and additional earning opportunities.

  • Dimension 1

    Personal Income

    By helping families purchase financial products and services, you earn commissions, the percentage of which increases as you advance.

  • Dimension 2

    Team Income

    Scale your income beyond your own work hours by earning commissions from sales made by your teamʼs growing organization of leaders.

  • Dimension 3

    Expansion Income

    Without regions to restrict you, your leaders can branch out across North America,* expanding your team from city-to-city and state-to-state.

    * Certain restrictions apply.

  • Dimension 4

    Bonus Income

    For leaders who qualify, a pro-rata share of an override on our entire field of leaders can be earned. As your team grows, so can your bonus income.

Thereʼs good reason to choose the

Biggest Battlefield

for your business

The financial industry—the one we're disrupting—is the biggest in the world. Itʼs greater in size than the 2nd and 3rd largest industries combined and doubled, almost. If you want to make a big difference and have great potential, choosing the largest industry for your business makes sense.

  1. Federal Reserve, February 2020.
  2. HousingWire (HW Media), January 2019.
  3. Statista, November 2019.
The Word ‘No’ Can be
With our model, you
can say ‘YES’ to…
  • No boss
  • No required work hours
  • No required office attendance
  • No problems working from home
  • No vacation day restrictions
  • No layoffs

If our mission, vision, and business resonates with you—if youʼre excited about our disruptive position in the financial industry—then consider positioning yourself with us...

To become a part
of WealthWave
  • Become a


    Grow your financial knowledge and gain the confidence you need to take control of your financial future.

    Take advantage of our financial strategies to create security for your family and start building wealth for retirement.

  • Begin


    Become a licensed financial professional with the support of our system and leadership, and start serving clients right away.

    Choose when you want to work and where—be it an office, a café, the beach, or your home. Build your business on your terms.

  • Build to


    As a full-time financial professional with experience, our model gives you the horsepower your ambition requires.

    Build a business without the limitations and setbacks of the traditional model as you pursue a wide variety of growth incentives.

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