VIP Green Carpet Day – June 2019

June 21, 2019

Tune in to the best of WealthWave's leadership with speakers from all over North America.

Vision. Mission. System. Every VIP Green Carpet Day leadership event is your chance to advance your business and get closer to your next level and your ultimate dream. Discover how WealthWave is impacting lives through financial literacy and creating careers through an entrepreneurial business model designed to help anyone start a business and scale their success in the financial industry. This is your chance to understand who we are and what WealthWave can do for you.

There's no better way to experience the event than to attend live at WealthWave's Headquarters in John's Creek, GA with a TV studio audience of 150 fired-up leaders. Or you can host your own energy-filled event at your local office by livestreaming each VIP Green Carpet Day event. Tune in to to see every speaker live! Don't miss a single monthly VIP Green Carpet Day event!

Event Details

Date: 6/21/2019

Green Carpet Day

Time: 3–5PM Eastern

In-Person: 6475 East Johns Crossing, John Creek, GA 30097


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