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How to Get Off of the Post-Grad Financial Roller Coaster

How to Get Off of the Post-Grad Financial Roller Coaster

Congratulations on earning a college degree!

Your hard work could result in better job prospects (including better benefits for you and your family), greater job security, a bigger income – and years of repaying student loan debt that could adversely affect your retirement savings!

Wait, what?

According to the Young Invincibles ‘Financial Health of Young America’ study, the average retirement accounts of those with a college degree and no student loan debt grew at double the rate of those with a college degree and student loan debt.

That makes sense: if you don’t have loans to pay back, you’ll potentially have more cash early on to set aside for retirement. This puts you in a better position than someone who can’t set aside the same amount because of their student loan debt.

What doesn’t make sense is that your financial future should suffer a setback right on the heels of dedicating yourself to bettering your chances. What an emotional roller coaster – working hard for years to improve your future but having to delay the benefits of your hard work because of debt!

There is a way out. A solid strategy to pay it back along with a well-thought-out plan to help finance your future. I can help you with both.

Contact me today, and together we can work on a strategy that can bring back the excitement of earning that degree!

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