SMD Noelle Kim: The Mindset of a Leader

Andy Horner  •  01/09/2015  •  

Johns Creek, GA
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Cell: (404) 557-2573
Former Career: Entrepreneur
WFG Start Date: 9/25/2000
Upline EVC: Tom Mathews

"Considering our history, I can think of nothing more American than an immigrant. Considering the state of financial literacy in America, there’s nothing more important than the education we give, especially to women.”

- SMD Noelle Kim

SMD Noelle Kim

America is the place where dreams can come true. It was built by immigrants who came here with nothing more than a wish for a better life and a willingness to work hard to that end. Success in business leaves clues. Leaders in one area often become leaders in whatever they apply themselves to.

This video edition of Leadership Spotlight features SMD Noelle Kim. After coming here from Seoul, South Korea, Noelle graduated from New York University in 1987, earning her Bachelor of Computer Science and then went on to attend New York School of Visual Arts. She then worked in the movie animation industry which led her to work with many entertainers from the movie/music business. She eventually decided that career path wasn't for her and wanted to pursue her dream to become an entrepreneur.

Noelle established a marketing company in 1990 and built a very successful International multi-million dollar distribution company. After many years of experience in entrepreneurship, she taught her Mindset to Millionaire program to audiences up to 10,000+ at a time. The course is now translated into many foreign languages.

Since she began her WFG career, Noelle has been deliberate and meticulous about hands-on financial experience to better educate, empower and guide as many people as possible, especially women, to establish and maintain their financial independence.