Chapter 12: The 7 Elements of an 
Ideal Wealth Building Opportunity

Andy Horner  •  11/12/2014  •  Feature Presentation

Video Transcript

The demand for financial advisors is greater than ever. But there is a shortage.

Low Supply, High Demand. What an scenario for a great opportunity!

In fact, this is the first of The 7 Elements of an Ideal Wealth-Building Opportunity. 

When a few of these elements are present, it’s wise to consider getting involved. In the rare circumstance that ALL seven are in place – like with our business – you have to ask yourself why you haven’t already made your move.

Let me give you the other 6 elements now:

Unlimited Opportunity. Most professionals have a job. The problem with a job is that as you get promoted you compete for fewer and fewer positions. Even if you win one of the top executive roles, each position has an earning cap. Our company is structured without limits to either top positions or how much money you can make.

Leveraged Efforts. No one ever made it rich in realty by renting one apartment. You’d need to own and rent hundreds or thousands of units. Now think of yourself as that single unit. As a financial professional, you’re limited to 24 hours a day to build clientele and write business. But if you could make money on the efforts of a team you could scale to hundreds or thousands of financial professionals you have leverage – you’re leveraging the efforts of others! That’s exactly how our business works.

Talent Preservation. The last thing you want for your business is for your best team members to leave and start their own independent businesses. Who in their right mind would want to help develop their own competition? To have an ideal wealth-building opportunity, you need a platform like ours that discourages your all stars from venturing out on their own by enabling them to be every bit as successful as you. 

Precise Timing. To take full advantage of a trend like The Wealth Wave, you must catch it at the right moment by positioning yourself in front it. Those who do will have a chance at capturing its full potential. Latecomers, however, will likely miss the ride. 

As I’ve shared with you – trillions of dollars and millions of people are currently on the move as the Baby Boomers enter retirement – this is the small window – this is the precise time to join our business.

Passive Residual Income For many professionals, the only way to make money is to write business with their own pen. They start over at zero every month. If they stop putting ink on paper, the money stops. The smarter way to make money is to get paid over and over for work you did one time, that doesn’t require your full attention. It’s like penning a hit song. You wrote it once, but you get paid every time it’s played. With our company, you can make a passive, residual ongoing income from the business you and your team build that recurs every month. 

Unique Product or Service – Without differentiation, you’re like everyone else.  And when no one stands out, clients are forced to base their buying decisions on price. In the financial industry, standing out is essential and it’s most certainly one of our strengths. It’s our industry-transforming innovations that I’ve laid out for you in this presentation that set us apart and tie together all 7 Elements of The Ideal Wealth-Building Opportunity.