Chapter 6: Encore Careers and No Limitations for the Rest of Your Life

Andy Horner  •  11/19/2014  •  Feature Presentation

Video Transcript

Diverse opportunity without limits. What a fitting phrase to describe our company. Regardless of your gender, age, ethnicity, or background – our company welcomes you with a red carpet, open doors, and no glass ceilings. As one of the most diverse companies in the world, you’ll find that the only barrier to success you’ll encounter is how hard you’re willing to work.

We've talked a lot about Baby-Boomers throughout this presentation. As you’re now aware, retiring is no longer an option – or a preference – for many retirement age people. Instead of having ten years to live out, many may have tw  o, three, or even four decades ahead of them. 

Boston College’s Center on Wealth and Philanthropy estimates that $59 trillion worth of Baby Boomer assets will be on the move in the next few decades. Who could be better to serve Baby Boomers than those they trust most – their fellow Baby Boomers. 

Longevity expert and best-selling author Ken Dychtwald said, “We are about to see the biggest transfer of wealth in history, and we found that everyone was focused on the wrong things…” 

Our company is focused on the right things. We know that Baby Boomers are healthier and living longer than past generations. Instead of winding down, many feel like they’re just getting started – gearing up to pursue big dreams and an active lifestyle on their terms. To afford the life they want, many Baby Boomers will be seeking an encore career for a whole new chapter of life. Security. Support. Flexibility. Confidence of living o  ut their years the way they want. The hope of leaving a legacy for their children. 

Are you retirement age? Are you closing in on it? Are you ready to retire? I didn’t think so.
If your dreams are still alive and well, you could start your encore career with us.

Historically, the financial industry has been a male-dominated field – just like the real estate industry up until the 1960’s. From 1960-1970, women began taking over real estate. It turned out that women – usually the primary decisi -onaker regarding the home – felt that female real estate agents could better understand their needs. By 1980, there were more women real estate agents than men. Now, the residential real estate industry is dominated by women. 

Now consider this – 95% of women will be their family’s primary financial decision-maker at some point in their lives. Couple that with the fact that 90% of women believe they need to be more involved in financial planning – and – half of women over 65 will outlive their husbands by 15 years. By 2020, it’s expected that women will control $22 trillion in personal wealth assets, up from $14 trillion today. In other words, many of the money decisions during The Wealth Wave era will be made by women. And when it comes to understanding their needs, who do women trust most? 

We believe the same gender shift that occurred in the residential real estate industry is now underway in the financial industry. Half of all Baby Boomers are women. And as the stats reveal, they need financial guidance. Can you see how all the stats and trends have aligned for women to create a successful business, increase their personal wealth, and secure their financial future by becoming a financial professional during  these times?

Our company, Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc,  was just ranked by InvestmentNews as one of the leading U.S. broker-dealers in terms of the number of female registered representatives. 

If you’re a woman seeking a better career and lifestyle for you and your family, we are THE company where you can lead and succeed – where you have the support to learn and thrive – where there are no glass ceilings to hold you back – only blue skies.

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