How Chasing Your Mission Changes Your Life

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”― Friedrich Nietzsche

The power of chasing your mission is that it creates almost limitless resilience.

That’s because a mission gives you a framework in which to understand your situation. And that can be invaluable when you’re faced with setbacks.

If you have no mission, you can become lost in thoughts like…

“Why am I doing this?” “This is pointless.” “I should just give up.”

And it makes perfect sense why! If the obstacles you’re facing aren’t part of a larger struggle to accomplish your mission, then why should you face them?

Without a mission, you render yourself potentially unable to overcome any challenges or obstacles! The “why” is missing, and you’re left with nothing but seemingly futile efforts.

What happens when you flip the script and live a mission-driven life? Here are some thoughts you may have when you encounter a setback…

“I don’t know how, but I know I can do this.” “If I can just get over this hump, my goals will be in reach.” “This sucks for now, but I’ll keep fighting until it gets better.”

So what can you do if you don’t have a mission? Here are a few ideas…

Take a poll of trusted friends, family, and loved ones about your talents. If there’s an overwhelming consensus, consider developing those talents into a mission statement.

Notice when you’re in the zone. That’s a sign that you’re doing something you find meaningful and purposeful. It’s worth integrating that activity into your mission.

Surround yourself with mission-oriented people. Inspiration is contagious. You might be surprised by how quickly the excitement of others rubs off on you.

If you’re seeking opportunities to chase a greater mission, contact me. I’d love to chat about what that could look like for you!