Interview with WealthWave Superstars Chris and Marlow Felton

Andy Horner  •  09/21/2015  •  

WealthWave leaders Chris and Marlow Felton are interviewed by Tom Mathews about their path to success. Listen in as they share their phenomenal success story of how they reached their current level of achievement and how they'll reach their next audacious goal.

Location: Castle Pines, CO


Cell: (303) 221-3639


Former Career: CPA

WFG Start Date: March 5, 1999

Upline EVC: Trevor Jenson

This video edition of Leadership Spotlight features EVC Chris & Marla Felton from Denver, CO. Chris, a former CPA, and Marla, a former advertising executive, have been at the top of the WealthWave team's Super Base Net Points rankings throughout 2015.

The Felton duo is on their way to the top of our company in every category you can measure, as they continue to reach huge personal milestones month after month. Their success thus far is so far beyond what they imagined they would be doing, but is only the beginning of where they think they can take this business. The partnership they have and the things they do as a couple is a great example to the rest of the company. 


I though, ‘What is this recurring income thing?’ I'm trading time for money, this is the only way I know how. Once I was convinced we are doing good for people I was like, 'Game on'.


I worked in the corporate world and was miserable. I was on a quest. Then I heard about this Chris Felton guy and how great he was. At that point I didn’t care how great and wonderful this Chris Felton was. I wanted to know, can someone like me who is no good at it? Is there money to be made? We all know today that the answer is YES. - Marlow Felton
— Marlow Felton
The key is laying out something visually where you state your lifetime goal. I look at it every week and it’s got spots to fill. Our key to success is really working on that internal game, that mental game, using visualization, using affirmation, using inner processes to drip everyday on your subconscious so that they really take hold.
— Chris Felton